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Utah Rangers FC


There are a lot of clubs in Utah County. Find out why we continue to find the most success.

Our Philosophy

  • Utah Rangers FC believes in a balanced approach to player development that creates a competitive environment to build team values and individual character for success in soccer and life.

Our Core Values

We create an environment of balance, development, character, and success

  • Balance: Here at Utah Rangers FC, we believe that a key part of development is having a balanced culture. We believe kids should have time off, play other sports and develop other interests in their life. This culture of balance helps retain players from blow out and keeps their spark for soccer alive.

  • Development: Development is our number one focus here at Utah Rangers FC. We strive to develop technical, tactical players who play our brand of soccer.

  • Character: We recognize that soccer is a small time in our players lives. We design our environment to influence the players outside of soccer for the better. We like good soccer players but love good kids.

  • Success: We develop players to be successful. Here at Utah Rangers FC, we have a long history of incredible success that separates us as one of the best clubs in the state. We define success in team wins and college recruits.

Our Training Philosophy

  • Detailed purpose: Every training session will support a very detailed purpose and end goal. Every session will lead to the players understanding a topic more than they did before.

  • Game-like: The game is the best teacher. We truly believe in teaching the kids to play soccer by playing soccer. Our activities are game-like and will create scenarios the kids will see during matches.

  • Problem-solving: Soccer is all about problem solving in a creative way. Our activities will force the players to think and solve problems on their own. As coaches, we do not give answers to these problems, but simply guide the players to discover them on their own.

  • Competitive: We love to compete! We compete as hard in trainings as we do in games. Every activity will keep the players motivated and working hard.

We love this game and we love the opportunity to work with kids. If you want to be apart of the Ranger difference - reach out to our DOC Caitlin Young @: [email protected]


Current Rangers committed to play at the next level

Rangers 00 Team

Taylor Davis – Snow College

Jaden Stuart – Snow College

McCoy Evers – Salt Lake Community College

Dalton Gibson – Salt Lake Community College

Tommy Seaver – University of Hawaii (Hilo)

Cameron Pennock – University of Washington

Chris Jenkinson – BYU

Tyler Ashby – BYU


Rangers 01 Team

Tanner Rasband- Snow College

Carson Ecalono- Dixie College

Talmage Woodhouse- Utah State Eastern

Kadon Black- University of Hawaii (Hilo)